“You’re intelligent, so you can adapt to work”.

· I have between fifteen and twenty days of migraine activity per month on average
· a lot of this has to do with how aggressively I avoid triggers, or how aggressively I can
· many of these come with nausea, which has to be worked around because… well, nausea
· wearing sunglasses when indoors does help, but this limits my vision as a result of doing so
· even being adherent to various maintenance medications, I still have at least fifteen “migraine days”

But yes. Anyone who thinks that I can “adapt to work” in spite of the migraines alone are deluding themselves. There are still people out there that actually think that I can hold down any “normal” job with the frequency and severity of migraines that I have when I can’t even indulge in video games on my off time to the extent that I would like. I have to meticulously plan out doing so around my already existing “migraine schedule” and the amount of medication that I have available to give myself at any one time, and I can not play for extended periods of time. If this is affecting what is probably my favorite hobby at this point, it is bound to affect my ability to find and keep a job. It still blows my mind that some people refuse to see this.

If I can find a job that I can do that “pays all of the bills”, I’d seriously jump on that in a second though…

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