Why do you do the thing you do, tiny mortal?

For some reason, Bub is transfixed with pouring things like seasoning salt into the trash can… and there were two occasions where he actually took some of his homeschool plants and poured the soil from them into the kitchen sink because they were within his reach. Luckily nothing had been growing in them all the times that he did this, because for the life of me I couldn’t get a single daisy to start from a pack of seeds that I had (and I’ve gotten plenty of things to grow in the past, so I speculate that the problem was the batch of seeds, not me), and he did this after I had simply put a fresh batch of soil into the pots. I’m still confused.

I hide things where I can though in the hopes that he won’t as easily be able to get a hold of, or grab, certain things… and so far it has had mixed results because Bub is crafty and he can, in some cases, eventually find a way to what I’ve put “out of reach” to him. We’ve had several conversations about this, and I think that he understands enough after every conversation to stop engaging in this behavior, but for some reason it continues in cycles where he’s trying to reach for the seasoning that we use in our food to pour it somewhere (and sometimes it’s even been in the dog’s food that he’s poured it in, which has caused me to have to throw that food away and get her some fresh food) or dumping small pots of soil down the kitchen sink. Luckily the pots are so small that the soil effortlessly goes down the drain and passes through them, but the fact of the matter is that I don’t want him to be engaging in these behaviors at all and he seriously needs to stop them.

That, and it’s uncomfortable to “wait around the corner” for him to start this back up, because this behavior comes in cycles with him for some strange reason that I have yet to figure out. Sort of like with the toilet…

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