I mean, honestly, this does not surprise me.

Regarding this school district and opening up what was supposed to be the first three weeks of virtual learning for everyone (since a judge mandated that no face-to-face learning could take place until, at the very least, after Labor Day due to the continued spread of COVID-19), I found out that in spite of the district having interested parents and guardians fill out multiple forms attesting to the need of a device or Internet hotspot… they did not order enough of either of these things, schools ran out at varying times on the first day on days that they had designated to give out schedules, supplies, and technology, and this effectively left students who were in need of technology in the lurch because they had no way to get online or do their work, especially if they were going to remain virtual students after Labor Day. So apparently the school had to inform parents and guardians that they would be extending a “grace period”, not holding students’ absences against them if they could not log online due to this, and not penalizing students’ grades for not being able to complete assignments due to this. Personally, it just blows my mind that this district had all summer to plan for this and this was exactly what happened. But I graduated from this district myself, so…

They had the whole summer to make this a clean, seamless transition, and they completely botched this.

Meanwhile, in my spare time I’ve begun to acclimate to our new PC controller, which I have in hand. Either this is less forgiving than I thought it would be, or Kickle Cubicle is less forgiving than I thought it would be. Knowing me, it’s probably a little bit of both. But this game is definitely not known for being an easy game.

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