So that I don’t actually forget to mention this…

When I got my economic stimulus payment, I was one of the individuals who did not get “dependent pay”.

I figured that I would be one of the ones “screwed over” by the current administration and IRS, left it at that, was thankful that I had even gotten paid to begin with since it had been months since I had filled out the Non-Filer form and gotten that automated approval e-mail from the IRS, and went on my way spending it.

So imagine how surprised I was to wake up one morning and find out that I had gotten my dependent pay.

Several days later, I began to see news agencies covering it. Apparently I was part of a “programming glitch” that omitted all dependent pay from those who got their economic stimulus payments, and that had been rectified so that those individuals got the dependent pay that they were supposed to get when their initial economic stimulus payment was issued. Again, being extremely thankful that I had even gotten my initial economic stimulus payment in the first place, I began to spend it on some of the things that I had not been able to afford or would have had to save up for months for since it was actually there. I began to do some Christmas shopping with it, knowing that if I began to get that out of the way (or as much of that as I could out of the way with what had been disbursed to me), I could buy Bub and Monster some nice things over the remainder of the year with their regular sources of income. Some of my friends joke that I start birthday shopping and Christmas shopping earlier than most people to begin with, so I mean… why not?

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