I’ve started this habit, and I do not regret this.

In between migraines and… living the slightly busy life that I do with my kids, I’ve started to queue up posts, and with very few exceptions, I do not regret getting into this habit. This means that if I am having a day where there is a lot of migraine activity (and to get the diagnosis of chronic migraine disorder, you have to have at least fifteen headache days per month with at least eight of those being migraine days, and I have that diagnosis… on top of that, mine are intractable, which means that medication does not easily “put them down”), or Bub and Monster are keeping me busy, I don’t have to worry about missing days posting on here. Having posts queued also helps in the event that my server actually does suffer the downtime that I mentioned last month, because when it does manage to come back up, the posts that I had queued will automatically publish… or, at least, that’s how they have so far, but the first, last, and only downtime that I actually saw my site have lasted over the course of one night, and then I had to fix the SSL that I have here.

I am continuing to titrate down on Trokendi, having been on topiramate in some form for awhile now.

Like I’ve probably already mentioned(, using social media so much that I have to ask myself “have I mentioned this here?”), if I am having migraines at the frequency and severity that I am, the medication that I’ve been on the longest… might not be the one that’s working. I did feel it when I dropped down from 300mg to 200mg, but once I got over that hurdle, I felt no difference. And it wasn’t even so much as more migraine activity than I felt the side effects — or lack of some, if you want to be technical — of dropping down 100mg.

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