Why even bother ordering online if you, well, can’t?

Good news: You can add your EBT card to Amazon so that they can bill from it.
(Well, in my state, you now can, at least. So that’s exactly what I did.)
Bad news: Amazon is so picky about what can actually be billed to your EBT card.
In which case, why bother even using your EBT card to buy from Amazon? Seriously?

Case in point, I thought I would buy myself some chicken chow mein, which happens to be one of my favorite foods. Ironically, I could buy the rice noodles with it. That would bill my EBT card no problem. But the thing that would not bill my EBT card… was the chicken chow mein itself. No retailer that I could find on Amazon would actually bill my EBT card for the chicken chow mein. It almost seems to be an exercise in futility to find actual retailers that will bill your EBT card for the foods that you want to buy. I’m sure that is the whole point.

“Make it so difficult for them to use their card that they won’t actually want to use EBT.”
“This is how we will make them want to get jobs!”

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