Just another day in our house, I guess.

For some reason, Bub has been making it a point to sneak into my room when I’m not in it and take my bookmarks out of the books that I have sitting on my nightstand, and he’s also been making it a point to damage possessions of mine, sometimes even going so far as to throw items of mine at my wall. I am still not sure what is motivating him to actually do this, although we have had several conversations about why he should not do this, and he is not allowed in my room until I am positive that these behaviors are actually going to stop. His response to that was to go into his room and begin slamming his door, slamming it so hard and so often that he might have sprung it. I noticed when I went to get up to check on him and see if I could help him calm down that it wasn’t quite… closing normally, and then opening and closing my own door for comparison kind of confirmed that for me. Right now, it doesn’t seem like it’s anything major, but when he has meltdowns this is something that I definitely have to watch out for. If he starts to make a habit out of slamming his door — which he does for some reason — I have to be prepared to stop him from doing that so he doesn’t damage something, just like I have to be close enough to his bedroom when he’s in there melting down to make sure that he doesn’t kick or punch the door or any of the walls in his room to cause damage…

This is just another day in our household, though. He’s just the kind of kid that has meltdowns, even when his environment is tailored to minimize them. And that it does, but he still has frequent, fairly severe ones.

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