My head hurts. But when does my head not hurt?

Because my old neurologist moved to a new hospital in another city that was too far to commute unless I could not find another neurologist in this area that took my insurance, I had to begin seeing another neurologist. So now I have to play the game of “proving to this one that my migraines are actually as severe and long-lasting as I say that they are”. I’ve been put on another medication that is meant to reduce frequency and severity of migraines, which I’m supposed to try for two months unless we find out sooner that it is exacerbating my asthma — this type of medication has a low risk of doing that, but if it does, I discontinue it. I suppose we will be finding that out in the coming weeks since I just finished a low and brief course of prednisone (since we are in the midst of a global pandemic and I want to have some semblance of an immune system in the event that I am actually exposed to the coronavirus, although I am actually surprised that I have managed to luck out thus far and… not be, or at the very least, not catch it, but that might be due to mask wearing and more frequent handwashing as recommended due to the nature of this).

More doctors need to take patients seriously when they actually try to advocate for themselves, shit.

I’ve been in the migraine game long enough I definitely know what does not work for me at all at this point…

At this point I may just ask for a referral to the local pain management clinic and let them oversee my care.

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