I think I’m pointing out the really obvious here.

I love the fact that I’ve gone through three neurologists in… how long now? And, of course, I can’t help any of this. One of them didn’t come back from maternity leave as she had originally planned to, and the other one has gone through three different hospital affiliations in a really short period of time, the third of which putting him so far away from me that it was absolutely not worth keeping him as my neurologist (since that would have been an hour and a half commute one way, only being worth it if there was no neurologist at all in this area that took my insurance). This will probably mean that my plan of care will change yet again, because the previous plan of care involved doing an ambulatory EEG at home, and it’s going to make it a lot more difficult to return everything that I need to return if I have to commute twenty minutes to do it — that’s a lot better than an hour and a half one way, but still. Scheduling. Commuting. All of that. Seriously now…

I also continue find it nearly infuriating that Facebook protects, in no particular order, able-bodied, Christian, white-passing men on their platform, and any dissidents against any of those are easily silenced in the form of comment and post blocks for increasing lengths of time. They also seem to like to silence anti-vaxers by making the reporting system incredibly easy to game and will not actually do anything about it to improve the reporting system. The fact that they let a convicted murderer (Jake Eakin) use their site is also concerning, especially because he is known for posting Facebook Lives of him “ministering” in front of facilities like Planned Parenthood buildings, and in 2018 one of them — so I’m assuming that this means all of them? — issued him a trespass order that he continues to violate with stunts like this, video taping staff at one of the facilities, which meant that police had to get involved. Now they seem to be litigating against him, and he continues to “minister” (read that as: scream in front of) them, while they are actively litigating against him. He also posts pictures that are supposed to be graphic and violent of “body parts after abortion” that a lot of people can report that Facebook refuses to take down, but he and his followers can massively report dissidents’ comments on his page and get them silenced no problem. So it’s clear who Facebook protects: someone who will gleefully toe the line, or flat-out break the law, “for the pre-born”, but not people who, you know, don’t actually break the fucking law. Okay. Cool. Make it extremely obvious here.

Also: I think the original massive appeal of Animal Crossing is wearing out, at least for me, just a little bit.

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