I think I made her see red, folks. No small feat.

One of the things that I like to engage in across social media platforms is “counter-apologetics”. Having the… experiences that I have had in “aggressive theism”, I’ve keenly come to understand how important it is to “get the other side” out there, how to present the other side, and how not to let theist apologists “score as many for (deity, but usually it’s Christ here)” as they can, especially because this translates into attempts to legislate for Christ, get people who aren’t members of your religion to follow your doctrine even if they don’t want to and otherwise would not — this is particularly prevalent with the Catholic church’s “make them raise the kids in Christ, and don’t let the woman contracept even if she is not Catholic because “to have a valid marriage you have to be open to life, and this means never contracepting” — forget that the separation of church and state exists when you get someone religious in a position of power, try to “get” the state or country to “be” a certain religion, even (especially) if it’s unofficial, forget that in a lot of other countries, dissent (or even being LBGT, and being outed) can and very often means harm or death for that individual…

Obviously, I could easily go on. But I’ll cut that short for now. You all should get the point.

I am a very enthusiastic counter-apologist (“she’s back at it with the sass”, “what is she doing on Twitter again”, my friends). When The Transformed Wife went on a bender this morning about “raising your children to joyously know God” — one big pet peeve of mine, and I mean big, is to forcibly indoctrinate your children “because it is the family way”, or worse, out of fear (“you’ll go to Hell if…”) — I simply responded back to her with a picture of Bub holding the Hail Satan DVD that we now have a copy of, which he consented to every step of the way, and me quipping, “Say he’s cute, bitch,” or something along those lines. Bub has expressed interest in Baphomet lately and was squealing as soon as I unboxed it and he saw Baphomet on the cover.

So I Tweeted Lucien Greaves and The Satanic Temple with my accomplishment because well, why not?

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