For some strange reason, over the course of the past few days my a key has alternated between… going out and requiring being hit hard to produce the letter a, or working perfectly (such as when I restart my computer). I am not even remotely sure why this is happening, and I did take the time to clean underneath the a key hoping that this was caused by a bit of errant dust that might have gotten in there. I checked to make sure that the laptop is not overheating in spite of already being placed at an optimal place to ensure temperature regulation, and… sure enough, it’s not. At all. Not even slightly. This perplexes me a whole lot.

In the interim, I’ve been looking for an affordable laptop that we can replace this with because we need a fully functional PC laptop in this house, and if this is showing signs of wear and tear it needs to be replaced sooner rather than later (even if we find out that it’s some strange Lenovo fluke). Hopefully I find one soon.

Not only is the a key a vowel, but it’s also frequently used in gaming (WASD, anyone?) so there’s also that.

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