Success! This thing is now completely loaded!

I was able to take the game data from those large Origin and Steam games that I had mentioned, put it in the correct (anticipated) folders, have Origin and Steam “find” that the games were there and verify all of the game files, and I saved myself what would probably have been ten hours worth of downloading and patching by following some instructions online! Now all I have to do is defragment the computer, compress the hard drive, make sure that Windows is fully patched, make restore discs if Windows 10 still lets you do that and I am done loading this computer! Needless to say, it’s been awhile since I have had to fully load a computer, and since I happened to pick this one up at a pawn shop I had to load Windows 10 on it from complete scratch because there was an administrator account already on it that I had the password to and there was no getting around that to put my own administrator account on. At least we’ve long cleared that problem. Frankly, it has been worth all of the migraines that this has literally caused. It has caused several.

At least now I know how to save myself a lot of time on down the line if I need to replace this computer too…

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