I’ve actually gotten this thing fully updated now!

Will wonders ever cease? They better not, and this thing better keep working.


I just need to put one more stick of 8GB RAM into it to max it out (it currently has one 8GB stick, and the other slot is empty), and then it’s pretty much as far upgraded as I can get it. I’ll gladly take that, though.

This thing has given me so many migraines alone setting up, especially given that two prior Windows updates on it failed… but somehow, for some reason, this most recent one did not fail, unless I find out at a later point that it did fail, but I mean, that kind of would not surprise me given the track record of how tetchy this computer has shown itself to be. When this computer works well, it works awesomely. When it tries to throw every single possible error under the sun at me, obviously that’s when we start to have problems, heh.

I did manage to make an actual restore disc for it today, though, which is impressively good (that it let me)!

However, I have learned my lesson about buying PCs used, even if the prices on them are magnificent.

I don’t think I’m going to be doing this in the future. I think I’m going to keep on buying refurbished “new”.

I’m also going to continue to buy them from more reputable vendors than pawn shops, even though this one does have an extended warranty on it, simply because of how much time it took to set the whole thing up to functioning satisfaction. And I mean, I did a clean install of Windows 10 on the thing from complete scratch, which it let me do with the recovery partition since I could not get the former administrator’s name off of the computer even though I had their login credentials. So that much I had going for me at the start of all of this.

And I’m not even sure if that was what took the longest to do given these two Windows Update fails.

As far as Hewlett-Packard goes, it’s not a bad brand of computers. This one has just been, well, really tetchy.

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