Something hilarious that I noticed.

For a little while, when I was checking my “DNA Story” in Ancestry, it had my ancestral computations as:
and “German”.

Just those things. That amused me to bits. I’m not even going to lie.

I thought that they were going to keep things that way, but when I went to check on them the next morning to see if they were going to continue to name things… that way, everything was back to the way it had been. (“England, Wales & Northwestern Europe”, “Ireland & Scotland”, and “Germanic Europe” for me. I wish my DNA Story was a bit more interesting given what I’ve seen other people’s Ancestry results to have been…)

I like to periodically check my computations in both 23andMe and Ancestry to see if anything has changed, because they have been known to change as more research is done as to where genes are most likely to have come from. And it’s still interesting to note that Ancestry thinks that I am a quarter Irish and Scottish, whereas 23andMe is convinced that quarter is Germanic. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my DNA is getting into a fistfight as to where this portion of my ancestry actually comes from, and I stay living for finding out where that portion of my ancestry actually comes from, because it’s amusing to study this, and it’s just as amusing to note the discrepancies between 23andMe and Ancestry. I am that kind of person…

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