I am the proud owner of a FitBit Inspire HR!

I am proud to say that I received one of these as an early birthday present!

Not only do I have the app on my phone for it, which makes… using the whole thing a lot easier (as well as, well, Googling everything that has to do with it), but I am pleased as punch because this thing actually attempts to track which stage in your sleep cycle you are in, as well as how long you spend in that stage, and I’ve been wanting to know more about my sleep stages for awhile now. Years ago, I was gifted a more basic FitBit that I used until it barely held a charge, but that one was a lot more basic, and it only tracked how long you slept and when you woke up. This one tracks your heart rate, more metrics in general, and the stages of sleep you’re actually in when as well as how long you sleep and when you actually rouse during your sleep… things that you might not consciously be aware of or remember because you went back to sleep.

I also look forward to seeing how much exercise it actually logs taking Bub on Pokewalks and to the park.

As time goes on, I intend to take pictures of it and screenshots of the app, and post them up here as well. I should actually do that with my Ancestry and 23andMe results, come to think of it… have I done that yet?

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