Goodbye, eBay. Goodbye, PayPal.

For the better part of December, I had to screw around with PayPal not wanting to charge the intended funding source for a purchase that I had wanted to make, then attempting to do unauthorized funds transfers on various other funding sources of mine. It was only at the end of December that I was able to amicably “resolve” this in that I was finally able to delete my eBay and PayPal accounts, which was what I decided that I wanted to do after PayPal decided that their repeated attempts to do these unauthorized funds transfers were allegedly “authorized”… rather than attempting to use the funding source that I had wanted them to use in the first place, doubling down on their faulty logic because it padded their bottom line. Over the course of December, Google searches revealed a similar line of logic in that PayPal sided with whoever stood to make them more money in claims and disputes like this, and it was around then that I decided that I wanted as little to do with them or any site that they were owned by as humanly possible.

I think that if I do make another PayPal account, it’s only going to be connected to the bank accounts that are connected to the kids’ ABLE accounts since those can not have funds transfers done on them and the money in those can only be used for very specific purposes. But that is probably not something that I’m going to do right now, although it is something that I will consider on down the line since the money in their ABLE accounts is something that I would like to spend on their behalf at some point. Obviously it’s not something that I would like to spend right now. I would like to spend it on bigger expenses for them later.

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