Christmas break 2019, in a nutshell.

· get a 256GB microSD card for the boys’ Nintendo Switch as an early Christmas present
· find for some reason that it does not consistently want to load past a certain point
· have to load the entire Nintendo Switch from scratch because it almost fails, but for some reason… does not
· able to recover everything with the 128GB microSD card, which is nearly 100% full with Bub’s games
· have to fix an issue with this website’s hosting, which I should finally be done with

Seriously, with the errors that the Nintendo Switch had begun to give me at one point, I thought that I would have to replace it because it had begun to fail. But then miraculously, after doing everything to save it that I had already done all over again, it begins to work with the smaller microSD card when it hadn’t even been doing that before. Mobile consoles help keep Bub from having meltdowns because they can go wherever he goes, especially when I know that we’re going to have to commute somewhere and stay there for awhile… I can just bring the charger with us if needed, find a power outlet, and explain the situation to anyone who would like me to explain the situation to them. Because I honestly do not mind doing so. Trust me, I don’t…

The only reason I haven’t brought it with us when Bub has come with me to neurology appointments is because I do not want to exacerbate, or set off, someone’s epilepsy, migraines, or other neurological condition while we are sitting there in the waiting room and have him get upset because he knows that we packed the console and games with us and that he was not being given access, even if it was for reason.

I am just fine “giving myself migraines” for my own child, but won’t do something like that to someone else.

The fact that we got a microSD card that actually seems to function on the day of Christmas, though, has been absolutely great! I didn’t begin to load it until the afternoon of Christmas, though. But that was because I didn’t know about it until the afternoon of Christmas. The one that wound up… wanting to work on everything but the Nintendo Switch itself was one that I knew about before Christmas, if this makes sense.

I suppose we can use the other microSD and adapter to keep files backed up from the computer.

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