When your MMO has a “no addiction” Reddit…

This is when you should know that you have a serious problem, Blizzard.

Please note that this is not me “knocking” the Reddit for existing, as it clearly has a purpose and has helped a lot of people curb their addiction to World of Warcraft. It is doing a great thing by existing. I acknowledge that it needs to exist. What I am “knocking” is the fact that this Reddit even needs to exist in the first place.

I am “knocking” the fact that a sizable number of people are getting, or have gotten, addicted to World of Warcraft and that this is occurring in a disproportionately high number with this MMO than it is with any others out there. You don’t hear about this happening with other MMOs in anything other than trace numbers, adjusting with the fact that there are individuals out there who will get addicted to any MMO, any game, or anything that crosses their path (since I am not shaming anyone for addiction, that I know that addiction is something that an individual can not in any way help, and realize that someone may, say, get addicted to the latest Final Fantasy MMO because it crossed their path and World of Warcraft did not…).

I am also “knocking” the fact that with an MMO this size, and with the number of people that have gotten addicted to it, that Blizzard has done nothing to curb this or even mitigate it in any way. After all, their addiction lines Blizzard’s pockets. Being as vague as possible, I actually knew someone that was offered a lucrative job that could have turned into a career that World of Warcraft messed up for them. This didn’t even materialize into a job for them. They went right back to playing World of Warcraft after this job offer fell through for them, and I am almost positive that they continue to play World of Warcraft to this day not realizing, and probably not caring, how big of a problem that this is — that this is actually addiction if this cost them an actual job. They probably rationalize it as “this job not being worth it”. They are, or were, someone that I had known for a long time, and after this I honestly never want to hear from or see again. I don’t want them around my children. And although I just said up there that I am aware that addiction is something that a person can not help, rationalizing away one’s addiction, and treating people horribly is something that can be helped, and this is absolutely something that this person would do, so I don’t want them around me because that would expose my children to them and that is something that I do not want.

Based on my last interaction with this person years ago, they were plainly emotionally abusive to me.

At some point, Blizzard has to realize that their MMO is this addictive and step in, though.

The question is, when? When will they stop turning a blind eye to this level of addiction in their players?

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