RemiGirl: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore

Ever wanted to play a hack and slash game but needed one that was a bit less difficult, a bit more light? Wanted one that was a bit cuter? RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore might just be the game for you then? No, seriously. It probably is. It tells the story of Remi, who finds a magical book named Lore in her school’s library and is then transported to another world that she must hack and slash her way out of with the help of said book. It’s just challenging enough to be fun, but not so challenging that it will make you want to put the game down and never pick it up again. And the fun thing is, when you hit objects (or enemies), desserts spill out of them — if you collect these, you can spend them as points to get better weapons, as can you spend them to get better skills and learn magical powers. So the game rewards you for trying, even if you fail, because you can keep amassing dessert points to get stronger and stronger when you struggle to get through a level. Some people out there complain that “it doesn’t have a rich plot”, but I feel like it has just enough plot to make it compelling, and it makes up for that by being a really, really fun hack and slash game.

Bub also enjoys watching me play it as well, so there’s also that. He likes when desserts pop out of things.

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