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Picked up a few birthday games for Bub!

· Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team Dx (Nintendo Switch)
· Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (Nintendo Switch)

These are pre-orders, but it’s clearly the thought that matters here.

In another post, I’ll be enclosing the actual picture that caused The Transformed Wife (and several theists at that) to actually see red. “You made Bub hold that up!” I had him hold up a certain… documentary that we finally managed to get our hands on in direct response to a Tweet that she had sent out about how you needed to “raise all children to joyously know God” (I’m sure some of you know exactly what he must have been holding up by virtue of exactly which direction this blog post is going in, but I digress), because I got blocked within probably an hour of me commenting back to her with that Tweet. “Earned it,” was my mental response, and yes, it was absolutely worth it to me. Bub also consented to every part of that. Who presumes competence in this house? I do. Who demonstrates competence in this house? Clearly Bub and Monster do!

If you want to be misogynistic and reaching for people’s derision, you need to expect people like me to rise…