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I am how many days out from surgery now?

I suppose I’ll come back here and write about it in more extravagant detail as I continue to heal, am in less discomfort, and have more energy, but in the interim I’ve been editing videos from raw footage that I’ve had on hand to give myself something to do with the downtime that healing from surgery entails. This is fun!

I am continually surprising myself finding that video editing, at least in my experience, is much like riding a bicycle. I was my high school’s daily show’s senior editor and… became so fairly quickly through being the fastest typist and most adept with the computers that the early 2000s allowed us to have on hand, although I hate to make that comparison because repeated seizures have taken some of the things away from me that some of you reading this might take at least a little bit for granted. My sense of direction is absolutely shot to hell, and I get disoriented and lost in places that I do not constantly frequent extremely easy now.