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I don’t think I’m capable of doing fandom at all.

There are shows that I want to watch, like Lucifer and The Boys — to name just two of them — that… for the life of me, I can’t commit to actually watching even though I could make the time for them after the boys have gone to bed and fallen asleep for the night. This seems to be why it was so easy for me to fall out of fandom in 2012, although that was more a matter of me pretending to like things that I did not actually like at all, whereas the decision to fall out of fandom this time was brought about because of the drama, negativity and toxicity that fandom circles have in them and the fact that I did not want to continue pretending to like something more than I actually liked that thing. At some point I suppose I’ll get around to it and watch the shows that I want to watch (oh, and The Walking Dead and everything that’s related to that), but it will be on my terms and on my own time. If I want to take a break I am absolutely taking that break.

Another amusing tidbit to note is that it actually took me several years to finish Supernatural, which I did on Netflix. I would drop it for six months here, a whole year here… it would just get to the point where I didn’t want to continue watching it, where I wanted a break from watching this television show, so I just took one. I didn’t get into the fandom for it until 2020 (which to this day I regret doing), but it had taken me at least several years to watch and finish the show, and by the time the finale had aired I was still catching up on episodes on Netflix. You know, I can kind of see why the few people I know in person who know that I like Supernatural have a hard time wrapping their heads around me liking it. That actually kind of amuses me.