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Once I’m done with Supernatural, what next?

After I watch all of the episodes of season fifteen of Supernatural, whenever that day actually is… as stated, I will continue to be active in the fandom, but I won’t be giving the series a rewatch at any point in the future. I might have considered it if the nineteenth episode of the fifteenth season was well and truly the last one of the series, but the very last episode of the series and the season messed things up so much for me and a lot of other Supernatural fans that I think one complete watch of the series is all I can give it. It’s not like any of the Supernatural executives in any way regret the handling of that episode, least of all Andrew Dabb, the executive producer and writer of several episodes (am I getting this right? I think I am) by gleefully announcing that only 30% of people would like the series finale, followed by him practically going into hiding when… wait for it, wait… almost no one liked the finale. He has not come out to play on social media since.

I’m going to continue to stay away from shows that air on the CW, especially if they’re extremely popular, but also as a rule helping to boycott the CW. However, I’ve heard enough good things about Lucifer that I think I’m going to give that show a watch since it is on Netflix, and I’m going to finish up watching the BBC’s interpretation of Sherlock since I never actually finished that. At some point in the future since it’s been “forgotten about”, I may make a bit of an exception to boycotting the CW — I’ll still be boycotting active shows on it, don’t get me wrong — and finish up The Vampire Diaries, especially since that show wasn’t quite butchered like Supernatural was. It also has a special place in my heart for a number of reasons…