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Let’s see if I can hotlink from my own DeviantArt.

So far, this is my favorite photograph that I’ve taken so far.

I titled it “I Shouldn’t Have To Choose” and juxtapositioned my own femininity and love of makeup against my love of gaming, which is something that I have gotten flack for from people who think that you can’t “be girly and game”. Included in the picture are some of my favorite cosmetics and the controller of one of my favorite consoles. As I’m sure some of you can tell, I’m loyal to one brand in particular… well, one of them.

This came out a lot better than I thought it was going to after I set everything up. I wound up liking it a lot.

Maybe I am more than I have given myself credit for.

Ever since making that DeviantArt account I mentioned, I’ve actually been having a lot of fun with it. I’ve been having a lot more fun posting carefully cultivated and curated photographs than I thought that I was going to have, although I’ve been as careful as I can be in that I do not post photographs that blatantly give away clues to our location or have the boys’ names in them. So far, I think I’ve done well there… I’ve managed to do well on our Facebook page dedicated to gaming, although I do think I need to post more to that when I’m not under some kind of block from commenting or posting to Facebook, and I know that I’ve done well in that regard on Twitter. I seem to have more of an eye for photography than I had originally given myself credit for, even though I’ve posted so many pictures to Instagram that I should honestly have been given the world record for that years ago. I don’t think anyone is near touching how many pictures I’ve posted, will even remotely get close to me at this point, and I seriously think I am the account that has posted the most pictures. At some point I might do something to get Guinness to notice me, I don’t know.

For being a short girl with an iPhone, I don’t think a lot of my photographs are actually that bad looking.