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If you’re looking for a really cute puzzle platformer, you don’t need to look any further than Lumo. It pays homage to the nineties when these games were being manufactured a lot more, and it shows in how isometric each of the levels (as well as the main character himself, a child who got sucked into the video game and now has to solve fourteen floors of puzzles to get out and find his way back home) are. The main character looks a bit like a black mage depending on what angle you’re looking at him from, and I suppose that might have been what piqued Bub’s interest playing alongside me — after all, he did look a bit like Vivi.

I found the game challenging, but not enough to want to make me put it down. And there are two different modes of difficulty, one giving you unlimited lives, removing the timer, and allowing you to save much more frequently for those of you who may want a substantially easier time gaming through it… that was the one that I chose, just to make gaming with Bub that much easier, as well as to make it easier on myself since I had never played the game before. It was just motivating enough of a puzzle platformer to keep me going, and keep me wanting to solve it, without being so difficult that it made me want to give up and stop playing.

And it was one that I did consult a walkthrough on for brevity’s sake. That really helped out a lot, too.

All in all, though, it was a really enjoyable game, and I would recommend that people play this one.