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Well, I did manage to find our gaming cards…

Apparently the old controller that I had that I could hook up to the computer, use, and play games with has grown legs and walked away… because for the life of me, I can not find it anywhere around this house that I know I would have put it. I went through the infamous “junk drawer” that I have in my room, although my intentions are to organize it a bit better, found some gaming walkthrough books that I am glad that I have (Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 bundled together, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns), and I finally found the kids’ Magic the Gathering and YuGiOh decks that I made them. To be honest, I’m perplexed that I even made them some of these decks. Bub actually has a Blue Eyes, White Dragon deck… or whatever you actually call that one since it’s been years since I’ve sat down and played that game with anyone, having formally “retired” from it myself as an actual player for a number of reasons.

I think it says a lot about YuGiOh that I looked at the cards for awhile and the rules didn’t immediately come to me, but given the reasons that I retired (or “retired”, if you want to continue to put quotation marks around it) from it, that isn’t an entirely bad thing. If the kids want to get into it, or even want to look through the cards — Bub thought it was Christmas when I found them — they are more than welcome to, but I don’t have any other reason to play the game myself any more and I am just fine with that. I’m not going to denigrate it as a child’s game since I have several adult friends who continue to play it, who are good at it, but I have my reasons for no longer actively playing it myself that I’ve already written about. And that’s okay.