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Now we’re actually making substantial progress!

Bub’s games have been loaded onto the gaming laptop! All I have left to do is defragment the HDDs that are in it or hooked up to it, both of which being low on space due to his games… that will free up some more space, and then consider looking for a folding table or laptop desk that can be kept in one of our bedrooms to facilitate easier use of the laptop — as it stands right now, making room on the desktop computer’s desk to use the laptop is onerous, requires some effort, and is almost like playing a real-life version of Tetris

Yeah, we’ll have to improve the layout of at least my room to make gaming on everything in here feasible.

I also pre-ordered a few video games for Bub that will release on or around Christmas, and at that they’re ones that he is really, really going to like. And I pre-ordered him an Atelier remake that’s supposed to come out in a… week… or two? And to finish off his birthday, I am considering getting him a copy of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on Steam so he can play it whenever he wants on the Steam Deck. He currently has a copy of it on Epic Games right now — that was the first gaming app it was released on.

We’re making progress filling that microSD up.

I decided to pick up the Atelier Arland series deluxe pack to have on hand to be able to play portably with Bub, as did I decide to pick up the Atelier Dusk series deluxe pack for the same reason… and I also got the Atelier Firis game on the Vita for that same reason, not knowing that the first two sets of these games had been released on the Nintendo Switch when I made the decision to get them, and not knowing that Atelier Firis was actually available on the Vita. The deluxe packs might have taken awhile to download on a decent connection, but we eventually did it, and I’m glad that I eventually did come to the conclusion that I should make those purchases. Bub likes games where you go out, scavenge, collect items to make items, and I like cute games, so these intersect in an awesome way for both of us. Each game also has about a hundred hours worth of play time if you play the base game through and then turn around and do some of the optional things in the game, so there’s also that… meaning that if we have them on a portable console we can take them with us to doctor’s appointments, on commutes, have them on hand in waiting rooms, so I really saw no downside to making sure that we have the Atelier franchise in portable form once I realized that we could actually do that. (And I mean, I can get past the whole “timed” aspect of these games. I can.)

The Atelier franchise is adorable enough that I can look past them being timed. Seriously, folks.

I know that I’ve mentioned the bane of my existence in the gaming world being timed games, not being allowed to explore to my heart’s content, but if the game is cute enough, I can manage to look past that. This is an example of a franchise that allows me to do so. Now, I might still voice complaints about the timed aspect of the games making… certain things difficult, but I can manage to look past that for these games.