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Why does this honestly not surprise me now?

Given that so many people use Discord for so many different things, finding out that Discord essentially has manifestos written on it (and yeah, I’ve seen some of them actually referenced on the news) doesn’t surprise me as much as I think it should. I use Discord to keep in touch with friends and to network for streaming — that’s actually something that I want to resume doing, and sooner rather than later — so… knowing that Discord is being used like this is not the best news, but it’s also not something that I have any control over.

An easy, efficient way to admin on a server.

I generally keep muted the channels that aren’t frequently spoken in, although I do periodically check them anyway so that I don’t miss something. I spend time in most of the popular channels (there’s one for Loki on this server, and I don’t have… what is it, Disney+? whatever you need to have a subscription for to access Loki, although I would like to watch it at some point, maybe when it comes out on Blu-ray or DVD). So far, all I’ve done as admin is make sure that people censor or spoil certain words as it relates to a part of the Supernatural fandom that I need to take the time to dedicate an entire post to, and pinned the times for episode rewatches in the channel where those are discussed as we’re (in most cases, re)watching an episode. I pinned for UTC -5 (my time zone, so easy to do most of the math off of) and UTC 0 by looking at the time zone roles and seeing which ones stood out as the most popular. It had yet to be pinned, so hey.

So far, this has been easier than I thought, but it may also play to my strengths of being able to help people.

It’s a widely held joke that the Supernatural fandom has drama that “spans extra seasons”, although if you’re involved in the actual fandom itself, it’s not so much joke as it is fact that is that easy to observe.

I got made admin on my favorite Discord server.

So I was made admin on my favorite Discord server, which happens to be a Destiel (Dean Winchester/Castiel pairing)/meta server. As it is, I’m pretty active on it to begin with because I like the people who are on that server. One day I happened to be on it and suddenly noticed that a lot of rooms opened up for me, meaning that I had access to rooms that I had not designated interest in via role or rooms that are restricted to certain roles that are given by the higher-ranking people in the server (namely the owner, I’m speculating). That would be the Magister Templi role that I now have. I may write in another post how I actually got that role. So far I just continue to talk with people on the server, and my friends that are there, while welcoming new people and waiting to see if any issues pop up that need me to intervene in a manner more characteristic of an admin. So far, aside from… the thing that originally got me granted admin status, I haven’t run into those.

I will say that when I was initially granted access to so many rooms, as I was realizing what was happening, I sucked in a breath of air that was — comparatively speaking for me, at least — really good due to the whole asthma thing, and I was really surprised, because it was really random. But I am thankful for this!

Obviously my profile, which just now became a… thing that you can do, or edit, on Discord, doesn’t have anything that anyone who reads this blog wouldn’t already know or be able to find out. I just thought that I would throw my $0.02 about that in there in case anyone wondered about it. I figured that it made various ways to contact me easier for people in general on Discord, but especially people on this server who may look at my profile. But yeah, I’m an admin over (t)here now~