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This has been an interesting turn of events.

I now run the official Twitter account that lets people on the Internet know when a cat… poops.

That is correct. I run an entire Twitter account dedicated to informing people when a disabled cat poops.

I could not be happier with this even if I tried. After I learned about Wisp because of how much she popped up on my Facebook feed, I joined animal and foster charity groups online… a lot of people who don’t have that particular pet or foster are part of these groups as well, because a good portion of conversation in these groups is dedicated to being cat ladies (and men). One kitten, who’s stolen everyone’s hearts and gone viral several times, has been having trouble… passing bowel movements as a result of her disabilities. Since a lot of people query the charity that’s been taking care of her put in adoption requests — or did until the charity temporarily closed requests — and want to know about her health at all (“has Wisp pooped”?) I decided to make a Twitter account chronicling that information with the permission and support of Wisp’s mother. So now I run the official Twitter account letting Wisp’s fans know if or when she has had a bowel movement, and overall information about how she has been doing as a whole. I have absolutely no regrets with this.