The mystery behind the elusive Google PageRank.

Almost a decade ago (which makes me feel old just typing it), Google PageRank was everything.

You wanted to have PageRank if you wanted to monetize your blog, let alone be taken seriously in search engine results. With a bit of work it wasn’t very hard at all to get something like a two straight out of the gate. But in recent years, it has seemed more difficult to actually get that coveted PageRank… and then, not too long ago when I ran a PageRank checker on my own blog and other blogs and sites that were known to have it, suddenly they were all gone. This has left many people scratching their heads trying to figure out what the best metric to measure website popularity (“importance”) was, or should be, especially since Google hasn’t really… said much on the whole matter. I mean, I run Google Analytics behind this blog, but it’s mainly to let me know if two very specific people (Bub’s paternal grandmother and his great-aunt) ever actually access this blog, that way I can go to all of the trouble of IP blocking them and do it as many times as becomes necessary until they get the point. Aside from that, I don’t really mind how many hits it gets…

Although it could have done with improvement, if PageRank is gone that’s sad (and the end of an era).

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