I’ve never been much of a fan of cop shows…

I may be one of the few Texans who… doesn’t like Walker (I didn’t even like the original while I was growing up, and I feel like that should say something), but it still managed to evade me for several days that Jensen Ackles is apparently going to direct an episode of Walker, which Jared Padalecki stars in. But to be honest, I’ve never really liked anything stereotypically “Texan” anyway, and it’s not out of a willful desire to reject everything that this state is even though there are some things that I really don’t agree with it on. It’s still up in the air whether I’m even going to get into The Boys since Ackles will join the cast as of season three — this upcoming season — as I don’t follow favorite actors of mine to new works (or even visit older ones) unless that would have been something that I would have liked in the first place. I’m just choosy like that.

Part of it may stem from the fact that extended exposure to light sources does give me migraines, so I have to compensate for it in ways such as taking pain medication as appropriate — Fioricet, which I try to take only as needed because it still does help to a greater extent than other medications have and I don’t want to lose that and have to try to find an equally as suitable medication that is not it — and wearing sunglasses indoors. I actually have two pairs of sunglasses dependent on the Sort of Day™ I am having. One has darker, more amber-colored lenses, and the other has slightly lighter, rose-colored lenses that I am hoping will allow me to be able to wear them more, shield my eyes, and shield my brain, because the darker the lens (and the more helpful it actually is, as it’s turned out), the more difficult it can be to do certain things wearing them.

Another thing I’m not big on: Texan Republicans — men — literally trying to mansplain my disabilities to me.

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